Missed an hour? Got zero time? Yep…haven’t we all? Try a few of these time-savers into your day that truly deliver and make you feel like you’ve actually put the clock back instead! Here’s what I’ve been doing with my time!

“Give your dreams all you’ve got and you’ll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you.”

William James


Get A New Glow

BRIGHTER SKIN with radiance boosters

+ SALON Your skincare regime may be doing you fine, but it’s always a good idea to bump up with a specialist treatment every 4-8 weeks to clear away dull skin cells, help stimulate circulation, soothe and hydrate. HydraFacial, from £90, isn’t new, but gosh does it deliver! Your skin will be beaming from the multiple layers of cleansing, toning and plumping on even the most sensitive skin. Just come back from the new Facial Bar at Nevilles too where they’re using Dr. Jart+. A touch of glycolic followed by an Oxygen blast too, left my skin significantly brighter and fresher.



+ DIY One gadget to transform? Recently I’ve been using GloPRO, £199, the brilliant new home skin rejuvenator that combines safe, skin surface micro-needling (2mm needles no longer is crucial) with red light LED to help stimulate new collagen. Used at night after cleansing, skin may appear pink at first but by morning skin looks brighter and firmer; as if you’ve just had a facial, but at home. Used regularly, you could cut back on salon expenses: though I feel not quite as therapeutic. Next up is the new My CLE by Carita, £399 – trialing imminent! GloPro-facial-needling


TAN UP Wanna feel confident enough to get your legs out on those freakish sunny Spring-like days?

+ SALON Book in for a ‘Sunday Selfie’, aka ‘a more leisurely self-tan’ –  that way you’re not rushing the result as you might any otehr day of the week: more tide marks and streaks are caused by tight deadlines and the tight clothing we wear straight after. Me? I’m still diabolical with self-tan as I am so pale that any hint shows dramatically (I’m a gradual tanner at best) – but you can’t beat a classic pro tan… St Tropez Classic Spray Tan, £24 for 20 mins, dries super fast. There’s a new Extra Dark Mist that’s great for legs (just not mine) and darker skin tones.

+ DIY Perfect those pins? A fast-drying mist such as Fake Bake Airbrush, £24.95, is a great quickie tan, and this one delivers the most seamless leg tan thanks to a 360° nozzle that works upside down, at any angle.


SHINY HAIR salon-style

+ SALON Deemed ‘the fastest blow-drier in London’, the secret is in the brush-wielding, super power of Giovanni Di Gesu at Chelsea’s Salon Sloane (recently revamped), guaranteed to keep your style looking effortless for days on end and get you out in under 30 even with long hair. One salon definitely worth a visit! For the shiniest treatment EVER, pop to Urban Retreat and try out the Leonor Greyl Detox Treatment – a deep scrub and a mask…my hair has seriously never shone so bright after a blowdry in its life!


+ DIY Keep Color Wow Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray, £13.20, on hand, for a smoother, shinier bit of home styling. Its alcohol-free formula contains polymers that seal in moisture while smoothing the outside in record time. Spray on towel-dried hair, massage through and comb then style.


Photography Iain Philpott, Styling JOGB

Effortless in under 30 mins

Quick little tricks to take the effort out of getting ready

FLIRTIER LASHES Fact: you can get away with wearing way less makeup in Spring when your lashes look fatter. Just be sure they are smudge-proof.

+ SALON Treat lashes to a regular tinting session if they’re on the pale side, then try adding a few individual lashes for extra fullness and length. Benefit Cluster Lash, £29.50, works in just 15 minutes and never looks overdone.

+ DIY You’ll love this clever double-sided brush: Nouveau Lashes Enhance Mascara, £19, catches long lashes one side and short the other. Plus its tubing formula washes off in warm water, making it gentle enough for lash extensions too; or try the new Benefit BADgal Bang! Volumizing Mascara, £21.50, with a superfine brush for an amazing application to every lash.



BROW SHAPER Give bored brow style a quick pick-me-up by going for the perfect arch and totally giving you face a quick lift.

+ SALON Whether you’re after a total reshape, taming or a tidy-up, threading is unparalleled in chic hair removal for the brows. Why they can even check out your chin while they’re there! Take confidence in the team at Blink Brow Bar, and check out their new Microblading service too for the permabrow experience.

+ DIY Just love the new(ish) BBB London Ultimate Arch Definer, £21, triangular-shaped to fill and sculpt in just a few crucial strokes. Always start on the arch of the brow where you ant the most definition, and soften towards the nose.

NAIL IT Effortlessly neat groomed nails, and toes, say as much about you as perfectly arched brows (up next!)

+ SALON A longer lasting mani-pedi will look perfect for weeks on end, and save serious grooming time, so you’ve gotta love gel nails but do consider the health of your nails, as repeated gel-style nails without a break can seriously weaken your nails (and fungal infections can get lodged underneath the polish and wreck havoc while it stays hidden there unnoticed).

+ DIY Steady your hand and pick from Orly Gel FX, £12.95, new Power Pastel collection instead, that stays chip-free for pretty much up to two weeks. Try Pink Noise or Cyber Peach, sheer enough so you won’t even notice a chip if it happens. Massage in a little Slixir, £21.95, the innovative oil-based hand and polish cream designed not only to care for your hands but extends the wear of your polish too.




So, what time-savers do you rely on for your beauty regime? Tell me any of your faves –  classic or new!



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