What’s in MY makeup bag right now?

Inside JOGB's Makeup Bag

… see the gallery of my fave JOGB #JoOnTheGo day-to-day makeup essentials below…

… & what’s in Alison Young’s?

If you haven’t already had a chance to check out my recent ‘mini’ #InBedWithJo YouTube video to find out what essentials are in the makeup bag of beauty expert and QVC presenter, Alison Young: tune in here…

And well, as luck would have it, a long session of filming (Part 2 coming out soon), means

MY makeup bag reveal…got cut out! 


Well, I can’t quite let Alison have the last word can I? 

So, here it is: my everyday makeup bag of must-have makeup to take me from morning to night, as these are the true essentials I turn to, rely on and pack for weekends away and overnight trips.

Inside JOGB's makeup bag

Makeup gallery: Inside JOGB’s makeup bag



Please subscribe, post a comment and tell me what you makeup essentials are, so I can share. Always on the watch out for more IRL recommendations from me for real skin in broad daylight to look as naturally flawless as possible #nofilter

MY EVERYDAY MAKEUP ROUTINE! You guys have been asking like craazyyy so here it is:

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