What’s in my bag right now? The best nude lip colours

I am a slave to nude lip colours. I’m not a makeup obsessive anyway at my age, preferring the look of glossy sheer skin at all times; but, when I do anything I play up my eyes and play down my lips. As a result, I am def your go-to for the ultimate in nude lip colours. Fact is, I can never leave the house with just one nude: be it a gloss or a balm either, but cream too: day or night.

That’s what lip colour is all about right now: texture not colour. So here are my current favourites nudes – each so easy to wear whatever your age or skin tone, as they have just enough pink in them not to be too beige and drab.

A juicy gloss…

Cinique Chubby Plump & Shine in ‘Normous Nude, that is more pigmented than a lot of glossies, and rather nice as a cheek highlighter BTW!

A rich cream…

Estee Lauder Victoria Beckham Lipstick in Nude Spice that often ends up on my cheeks too (it’s there right this minute).

In between…

Elizabeth Arden Sheer Kiss Lip Oil in Nude Oasis which is such a great texture: though I do find it easier to apply with my fingertip as it has a tiny little nozzle applicator – and it seems I have a big mouth!


“My biggest beauty bug bear is a visible lip liner,” says makeup artist Rebecca Restrepo. “It’s the makeup equivalent to a VPL.”  Rebecca is Arden’s Global MUA and loved by Debra Messing (a fellow redhead I too adore and can’t wait for the new series of Will&Grace) who also loves a sexy nude lip. Read more of her view on mistakes we make with makeup on www.womanandhome.com.

Watch out for

Arden’s great new Plump Up Lip-Liner in Nude, £17, out July, that I’m literally wearing & loving every day at the moment.


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