Brighten Up: my favourite deep & dark aromatics for Spring…


Are you in dire need of a pick me up to signify Spring is finally here?

OK, well here’s some inspiration… I’m a fan of the dark side (as any visitor to JOGBLiving side will testify), so the clever workings of brighter fruity citrus notes such as bergamot, lemongrass, and mandarin mingled into a deeper, altogether more fulfilling aroma definitely gets a tick in my books.

When that aroma then stirs your senses, lifts your mood and psyche, it then helps to indulge your mind and body in all the positive, uplifting associations that brighter days and happier spirits have ahead of us.

Think ‘Spring’ – why, before you know it it’s Summer.

Looking on the darkside

My current aromatic favourites all have a darker side! Well, they’re kinda grey & black…


JOGB-edition-eau-de-parfum-frederic-malle-music-for-a-while-premiere-avenueJust launching now is the beautiful new Frederic Malle Music For A While by perfumer Carlos Benaim: the fruit is pineapple – not something I’d usually crave to have on my skin, yet mingled with lavender, vanilla and that deeper note of patchouli, it is truly delicious up close and personal.


de-mamiel-revitalising- body-serum-dark

This de Mamiel Botaniques Revitalising Body Serum with its seriously complex blend of natural age-defying oils including baobab, rosehip and kukui looks like shimmering golden turmeric on the skin. But it’s the notes of lemon, orange, rose and sandalwood that energize the mind and help dispel lethargy – so perfect right now -that makes this oil-like serum a tonic for the soul.


The new Leonor Greyl Huile Apaisante Soothing Treatment For Sensitive Scalp is a 100% plant-based pre-shampoo designed to nourish flakiness and itchiness. It’s subtle aromatic blend, this is just one of the nicest reasons to spend that extra time massaging your scalp (‘coz let’s face it ‘it’s stress right?’) before shampoo. I’ve always had an itchy scalp – and with the menopause, my mountain of hair gets even hotter, making it worse. I’m trying it out with award-winning stylist Matthew Curtis at The Rosewood Hotel this week, so I’ll update here after.


Lastly, my very own citrusy GOJO Uplifting Candle, brightens your spirits in even the darkest days, and nights. All the citrus faves are made all the more powerful thanks to a deep base of frankincense and cedarwood. It’s so potent, with 10% oil in each candle…our already loyal fans say you don’t even have to light it (though you’ll be even happier when you do!)

Is there anything that you do that makes your mood seem brighter?

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