Spaaaah… Steal yourself a MOJO Moment…

me-time-pamperAwh….just love the folk at Legology!

Only naming my divine  MOJO Sensual Candle in their top 5 things to do with your alone time.

Here’s what they say…





Me, on the other hand? Alone time? Currently, with all three children (albeit big) back home now, why would I want to be alone? Their infectious laughter keeps me sane, takes years off my spirits and helps me stay more in touch with what the hecks going on in life in a more youthful, vibrant, honest and sincere fashion. Indeed, they recently inspired me to resign from a magazine contract of over nine years back in January, and in doing so, to be more happy, free and creative. I’m hoping it will inspire them in return: to encourage them to work at the things that give them more joy in life too. Indeed, only today a friend texted me to say she too had resigned from her job of over eight years to ‘be a better friend, sister, daughter and person, and not to miss the life she leads one moment longer.

Surely, this is TRUE ‘self-care’ – appreciating that in itself that’s so vital to our wellbeing.

My ‘alone time’…I tend to share it while I can, for now – that suits me fine! And err…light lots of candles 😉

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