The new Decléor Boutique & Day Spa

New Spa Alert!

This week I popped into the new ‘compact & bijoux’ Decléor Boutique & Day Spa in Notting Hill. Here, I met up with one of my favourite skin experts, Fiona Brackenbury, Decléor UK Training Manager. You may well have already come across her on QVC as a guest presenter sharing her tips and expertise, of which there is much!

The Fabulous Fiona

Fiona is the energy behind this fresh new Decléor spa, where you can take advantage of the current trend in speed services and fast facials. Like me, drop by and enjoy a 30-min multisensorial session in the Recharge Hub, combining treatment with aroma and colour therapy. Or try a clever new 15 minute Face Shot. These are ‘teach and learn’ mini massage moves, designed by Fiona, that you practice in front of a mirror that doubles up as a video recorder. Your lesson is recorded then emailed to you so you can repeat in the comfort of your own home.


Home to a few of my all-time favourite skincare products, there’s a ‘reminder’ wall of Decléor’s top ten must-haves. Top of my list? The iconic face scrub – Phytopeel – used at the beginning of my 30-minute Go & Glow treatment. I recognised its divine spa-like aroma of thyme, lavender, sweet marjoram and lemon, immediately.

How to use Phytopeel

Smooth a light layer over skin. Leave for a minute or two then briskly rub off in a downward motion, removing surface dead skin cells as you go.


The aroma took me right back in time to the original L’Avenue Decléor in SW1, one of London’s original day spas back in the early 90s. This was a time when aromatherapy and wellness were big business until celebrity chaos took over and we seemed to forget how to be chill! All the more reason to celebrate this return to inner peace, balance and spiritual wellbeing with lifestyle beauty brands from Decléor, Elemis and Clarins, to Annee de Mamiel, Votary, Jurlique and Neom (check out the new Neom store down Kings Road, Chelsea). Each one having resolutely stayed committed to their core, embracing mind and body in beauty harmony.

So claim a moment of peace. It doesn’t have to be an hour: now is your time.




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