Rose Cleansing Balm for sensitive and mature skin

I just love the texture and aroma of this brand new beautiful rose cleansing balm by Elemis that launches now, formulated with over 17 different rose extracts, each varying with benefits for dry, mature and sensitive skins.

My favourite type!

i.e. Mine!

Not one of those ghastly sickly rosy smells I promise, this blend of wild garden roses including Rose Damascena, just smells divine and is rich in omega 3 to help to soothe and nourish drier skin.
Deeply cleansing, dissolving city (or country) dirt, pollution and makeup, this just melts into your skin thanks to softening and comforting waxes of mimosa and rose flower, plus gorgeous elderberry oil to further smooth the skin’s surface. I can’t reiterate how divine this smells! Use late at night, last thing, to really massage your skin (the best time to cleanse your skin is before bed I think – layering up with treatment products and letting your face rest all night –  leaving the morning for just a quick refresh).

Plus, it also includes one of my favourite ingredients, Rosehip Seed Oil, that is supremely nourishing to the skin’s lipid barrier (ie strengthens skin and makes it more resilient), so helps restore hydration and really does seem to turn back time used just on its own (I LOVE Trilogy 100% Rosehip Oil). Rosehip oil also tints paler skin too so you kinda look more summer fresh, but naturally so!

And why does this particular pot of balm look SO divine? This limited edition packaging has been designed exclusively by fashion print house Lily and Lionel, especially known for their beautiful scarves, and the sale of each at £68, is in support of Breast Cancer Care. Available now…

#JoInTheKnow: the simple rose pattern was actually created by stamping the end of a stick of celery in ink…LOVE that! Simple design is always the best!


Breast Cancer Care is a UK wide charity providing care and support to people affected by breast cancer.



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