Fact is it takes a ton of makeup to this look good – but I for one can’t stand layers of obvious looking makeup, and in ‘real life’ (not Instagram) if it looks like anything other than your skin to the naked eye, it’s not ‘pretty’ and is downright ageing.

You will NEVER see me with powdery cheeks: it’s way too ageing! In daylight, I just don’t like the look, on me or on anyone else. Makeup artists stake their reputation on the idea that skin makeup should be so beautifully employed an observer would need a microscope to detect it. And by the way, 90% of the makeup pros don’t wear much makeup at all.  So, to keep it ‘real’, stylishly covered and a way better version of you than when you got up this morning.

THAT’S WHY I LOVE creamy formulas.

They’re so forgiving to lines and creases, helping to add a beaming, flushed luscious skin that literally looks as if you’ve just had sex! Did you know ‘glowy’ is now the most searched skincare term online? All the more reason to smile…

Stila Convertible Color is my favourite multi-purpose face cream

Stila Convertible Color

MY ALL-TIME FAVOURITE now it’s turning to summer? Stila Convertible Color Dual Lip and Cheek Color in Camellia, above, is a creamy compact, £16, that lasts forever: you’re more likely to lose it before you use it up! Blend into the rounded apple of your cheek and then blend up and away into your hairline by the tops of your ears.


Tell me your favorite skincare makeup? What makes your skin look it’s very best that moment before you walk out the door with confidence. If you haven’t found it yet…keep reading! It’s my raison-d’etre!





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