Light a candle for Earth Hour!


WWF’s Earth hour is tonight at 8.30pm – A very good reason to “light a candle” is the consensus… OK, yes agreed, and I do love a bit of candlelight – quite a lot actually!

however… it’s what you create with that one peaceful, blissful hour that surely has to make us consider…’switch off’ in all its many guises.

So home at JOGB, we’ll be switching off all the lights, the blue light on the phone, the one on the telly, the ones in the garden (my fave)… maybe light another firepit, definitely cluster a few of my favourite SOY eco-candles – JOGB obviously in there too … then, have a good chat! Talk about how to become more involved directly with environmental improvements and change; how to contribute more to caring charities to make a real difference; how to show more consideration for elderly neighbours… something, anything that as even just one individual, or a family, you can feel. One hour isn’t going to do much is it – but it’s all awareness.

One hour isn’t going to do much is it – but it’s all about being more aware in life.

One hour isn’t going to do much – but it’s awareness, we can all make tiny improvements to accumulate for the bigger picture.  




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