Peachy: Best Summer Makeup

Peachy Beach Skin

Without a doubt, peach is the single most flattering colour for every single skin tonefor summer. So if you need a little extra radiance seek it out for your lips, nails, skin… and better still within. Here are my season’s faves…



YSL La Laque Couture Nail Lacquer in Op Art Coral, £19.50, for fingers and toes – coming out anytime soon.





Dior Addict Lip Glow Backstage Pros Hold Glow, £23, balm that reacts with the warmth of your lips





This adorable Too Faced Peach My Cheeks Melting Powder Blush in Peach Dream, £25, cream-to-powder texture that actually smells of peaches and cream and is the prettiest shade on the apples – not peaches – of your cheeks

Erborian-BB-Shot Mask


Super clever Erborian BB Shot Mask Radiance ‘Baby Skin’ Effect, £6 at, sheet mask drenched in BB cream for a 7 am fast morning facial. Love it!




Right now peaches are at their best! Deliciously juicy, it’s one orangy coloured fruit (the darker the better) that’s easy to eat on the run (with a bib), skin and all, as one pure quick fix that’s healthier than a smoothie. Rich in free-radical immune-boosting vitamin C and A, with B-carotenes that convert into retinol to help immune system, peaches are great for all-round eye health and boost skin’s elasticity – though you’ll need a fair few. Plus there’s, body balancing potassium, lycopene and lutein (a couple of health-boosting flavonoids vital for skin health in the sun too), niacin (B3), vitamin K, marvellous magnesium and a touch of copper (marvellous for plumping up that collagen).

DID YOU KNOW… Apparently, a peach is called a ‘drupe’ – much like plums, nectarines and almonds – distinguished by that single inedible pip in the centre of the fruit. Experts say “do buy it organic” as the flesh absorbs pesticides like nothing else – could be coz of the high level of fructose too – so limit your intake if you’re sugar sensitive (err who isn’t?).

Today I learned that the BMJ is about to launch BMJ Nutrition magazine to publicise all the incredible research papers into diet and nutrition to help all manner of diseases from diabetes to autoimmune which in turn links to almost every disease we have going from cancers to MS.

Nutrition is still so poorly represented in the training of young doctors – yet if you attempt a ‘healthy eating regime for the sake of your health, most ‘experts’ would say “ask your GP” – others would say ‘better ask a chef”. Perhaps we are witnessing the start of a new era in nutrition! So watch out for more sharing from me on this front… Having an autoimmune disease I am constantly researching and trying out food restrictions and new evidence to help fuel my body better to resist disease: but I tend to keep it to myself. We know so little…but there is so much more we can do for ourselves than resort to pharmaceuticals that only affect other organs and areas of the body that perhaps might not be affected by ill health without the added strain a drug can pace on say the liver, intestine, stomach lining or indeed your brain…

Photography Iain Philpott

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