JOGB Living Candles


What’s my favourite way to de-stress super fast?

I love to light a candle. Always have, always will.

I used to find it impossible to meditate: a ritual that increasingly shows itself to be a vital tool to help us calm our CNS through our autonomic system. Then I learned to light a candle and gaze at the flame while I emptied the chaos of my mind. Genuinely, it was a turning point. Since then I have learned many relaxation techniques; but I always revert back to the flame.

It’s one of the reasons I’m delighted to share with you my new aromatic candle online boutique,, exclusively selling my luxury mood-enhancing candles.

There’s MOJO (sensual), GOJO (uplifting) and SLOJO (relaxing) – each lovingly created by a beauty editor with 30 years experience in the business eh!? (that’ll be me) Superior quality oils arranged in three accords, top, middle base, to resonate with your senses and using 10% oil per candle. The quality of the wax had to be, in my opinion and that of most modern candle experts, ‘free-from’ all paraffin (the cheapest base there is and currently used by around 90% of luxury candles), choosing only quality soy wax blended with a touch of rapeseed oil (all sustainable and renewable sources) to ensure a better, longer, slower burn time of up to 50 hours.

Take a breath!



You see, the environment of your home truly matters: I have an auto-immune disorder, my youngest has asthma, we have beloved pets – the air we all breathe matters. So creating a collective of positive, beautiful luxury aromas with natural essences was all that mattered to me. They truly do boost the senses and your mood.

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