JO GB Hall Of Fame: Clarins Relax Body Treatment Oil

JOGB Hall Of Fame Clarns Relax Body Oil


This year marks, dare I say, my 30th year as a journalist and stylist. In this time, virtually every beauty product ever created, and many more prior, has ventured my way. Sure, some beauties come and go; but some are – to me – simply iconic. They deserve their own Hall of Fame; that mark of deep respect. Products that, regardless of what’s new or ‘on-trend’ are simply the best, and adored by ME: JO GB!

So, here begins my #JOGBHallOfFame – in no particular order, except this ‘golden goddess’, the first of many, has been one beautiful friend…



Ah… Clarins RELAX Body Treatment Oil, £40. you little darling! I massaged you in on the morning of my wedding day (yes I was late), soothed my way through three pregnancies (and were there at each birth too) so that my kids, now older, also turn to you to relax! A restful blend of geranium, petitgrain, chamomile and basil in hazelnut oil, you are always by my side, helping me unwind (a little massaged between my palms and then three deep breaths in, breathing out for twice as long), to meditate, to calm others around me, to ease away pain (especially period pains interestingly) and to help me get to sleep – even my husband Jim smells it and says, ‘Oh no! but I’ve got to get up early!’ as it affects him too! Your bottle shape may shift and change, but thank you Clarins, my emotional rock has never changed its aroma in all these years! Please continue to honor this babe!


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