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“My skin’s looking so dull and really seems to have aged almost overnight! Anything I can use to make myself look a bit brighter?”

Get more vitamin C in your skincare!

I remember looking the mirror when I was 42, all was ‘kinda OK’, then two months later…BAM! aomething shifted! Obviously it’s our hormones, but beyond that I felt as if it was an ‘overnight’ thing. So from experience, hand on heart I can honestly say that the very best de-ager to add to any skin care regime is Vitamin C.  In a cleanser or serum,  not only does it help brighten and clarify skin by minimising and preventing dark spots and blemishes; it’s also a powerful antioxidant. This means it helps rectify the impact from our daily exposure to sun, pollution/smoke (very topical right now) and poor diet, while also helping to boost our own natural collagen and hydration levels.


The key is finding the best formulation and in the best packaging (airtight and opaque are a must). Ideally, look for pure ascorbic acid on the ingredients list, also known as L- ascorbic acid, on the label. Personally, I prefer using a Vitamin C booster product at night where it can do the most repair while I sleep; plus they tingle and aren’t always the smoothest texture to wear in the day under makeup. And being fair, I’m more prone to redness: so yeah I say use it at night when your skin’s more rested.

A NEW FAVOURITE of mine is Clinique Fresh Pressed™ Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10%, a little bottle (set of 4)  that freshly mixes vitamin C into the pump, shake it, then apply. Studies have shown over 20% reduction in pigmentation in just a few weeks.

Best Vitamin C Skincare Boosters from Clinique, Paula's Choice and Perricone MD

Best Vitamin C Skincare Boosters

Once your skin has acclimatised to using this you could try a higher percentage for a more brightening effect. My favourites at 15% include Paula’s Choice Resist C15 Super Booster, or Perricone MD Vit C Ester 15. Personally, I’d never go higher than this for home use.

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