JO GB’s Avocado Green Power Protein Smoothie

Is it just me or do you find it hard sipping smoothies throughout winter? Well, the sun’s kinda out & so I’m celebrating by finally digging out my Nutribullet (it went into storage while my kitchen was being done up). Here is my favourite, totally delicious green power avocado and apple juice, inspired by one I had at Joe’s Juice, Heathrow, a few summer’s ago: I’ve just bespoke my recipe to my, and hopefully your, taste buds!


Easy as can be, this pure green protein juice takes moments to make with the ingredients to hand (obviously).


a ripe avocado, sliced then cubed (can be smushy and bruised)
2 small apples, sliced & diced
1 cup apple juice organic, unconcentrated
1 cup ice cubes
the juice of 1-2 lemons and a cluster of fresh mint leaves


Bespoke your own by adding: more fresh lemon juice; a handful of spinach or kale leaves and/or a small handful of coconut flakes. (Psst! I LOVE coconut flakes and eat them as a healthy snack).

INSTRUCTIONS Place all the above ingredients in a blender; secure the lid, then blend on a medium setting until the mixture is completely smooth. This is a banana-free, lump free smoothie (I find banana a little too suffocating in flavour & internally!)

TO SERVE Pour into a glass, pop in a straw, garnish with a little curly kale and serve immediately. Makes enough for two small glasses to share. (Shown here with my favourite summer glass of elderflower cordial and fresh mint.)

WHY AVOCADO? A true superfood, avocado, or alligator pear,  is rich in antioxidant vitamins B (5, 6 & 9), C, E, K, potassium (more than bananas) plus magnesium, copper, iron, zinc in smaller amounts. It’s a complete food. Yes, it’s high in calories, but these are made from healthy monounsaturated fats (oleic acid) and fibre that the human body – every one of us – loves to digest. Eating avos is even said to help balance cholesterol levels (lowering the bad LDL and increasing the good HDL). I’m a big fan of natural oils: inside and out as protein is key for healthy hair, skin and nails.

WATCH OUT FOR a few tried and trusted avo-beauty recipes for great hair and skin coming soon – though personally, I’d rather eat them!



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