EASY WEAR The Ultimate Everlasting Makeup

Longest, everlasting makeup? Possibly!

I just can’t hide my joy at opening up this little autumn- ready box of tricks from YSL: my ‘personalised edit of the new beauty launches from YSL’. That’ll do nicely!

Especially as the theme is All Hours – i.e. it’s going to stay in place both day and night. So I put it to the test and didn’t go to bed!

A new velvet lip

This new matte liquid lipstick makeup collection  Tatouage Couture, £29 in 18 shades; a tasty new long wear formula that truly doesn’t dry on your lips, feel lightweight, sheer yet delivers a powerful lip. My faves? Singular Taupe and Unconventional Coral.


YSL Tatouage Couture

Alternatively, watch out for the limited edition ultimate lip colour fix: Set & Matte Lip Coat, £23, that will make any lip texture matte and give it staying power do the night.

For the face

I’m definitely not into 24 hour makeup, but just knowing it’s not going to rub off as fast as usual is a supreme comfort; especially as with age, redness, blotches and blemishes are such that foundation and concealer really do become your best friend in the ageless quest! Get on the waiting list for this new primer (black bottle below), £29.50, that has a fabulous filling, smoothing, mattifying and pore-refining finish thanks to clever aerogels that are tiny micro-bubbles of a moisturising gel that’s absorbs oil and leave a great base for foundation.

YSL-All-Hours-foundation-powder-concealerThen there’s a supremely lightweight yet covering All Hours Concealer – something quite often it’s hard to balance between getting both. I love this best as I’d often rather wear less foundation and just cover up any ‘nasties’ with a great concealer. I don’t think 6 shades are enough, but I do love this texture. Then choose between All Hours Foundation,£33.50, that’s a transfer-resist liquid, or the brilliant new Le Compact, that defies being a compact foundation (which I usually loathe) as it’s a velvety light and not remotely powdery thanks to genius 3D elastic gel tech that ensures the gel tightens and turns on the skin for an invisible layer of super-soft looking skin.

Watch out for two extra additions to the great Too Secrets collection too: including the new Instant Moisture Glow that I pop under and over foundation around the temples as cheeks, to make my skin look fresher and a touch – dare I say ‘younger’. Try it! Even if you use a hydrating serum or everyday moisturiser… it’s the No1 trick that takes that powdery edge off foundation. Works every time!


And yes, I did get excited! The collection isn’t out until October, so order yours!

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