In-Bed-With-JoGB-Alison-YoungCome check out my latest In Bed With Jo video talking ‘Honest Beauty’ with beauty expert extraordinaire Alison Young, who I first met 25 years ago and is one of the most genuine people in the business.

OK, it’s a 20 minuter… but I love this woman, so it just felt like 5!

And do forgive my ‘ums & ers’… I’m clearly in awe of Ali’s many years in front of the camera! She barely pauses (it’s actually her fault it’s so long – breathe Ali 😉

If you don’t know Alison, her hands and voice are almost better known than her face, but she is one of the most respected beauty TV presenters – having helped sell over £500m of beauty on QVC for brands she truly loves. She’s an industry legend with advice dedicated to real women in life … promoting beauty with integrity, honesty and transparency. I have always trusted her word, we are quite similar in our beauty beliefs – so it was a true pleasure to spend an afternoon with her on the bed (thank you Syon Park).

So do come watch this latest in the series of In Bed With Jo over on YouTube, (reminding you again) where Alison shares lots of advice and a few great stories on attitude, product usage, ingredients and skin sensitivity (she has had acne and still suffers from many allergies).

Also subscribe to www.alisonyoungbeauty.com for her trademark down to earth, straight talking beauty advice, plus easy to follow how-to’s video tutorials.

AND… If you love the look of my JOGB pure plant-based candles flickering on either side of the bed …and that Ali recently cited on GTG as one of her favourite gifts to a give to a friend, go to www.jogbliving.com to read more and shop.

Please subscribe to hear more and watch out for Part 2 coming soon!

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