SAGGY NECK? Heads up!

‘What to do about a saggy neck?’ I get this question a lot.


“My neck is looking like my mother’s! Is there anything I can do to reduce that crinkly triangle of skin and stop it from getting worse?”

Well, can I just say that the world of Instagram and video, past 50, does absolutely nothing for one’s self-esteem! 49 fine… 50+ ‘whoah what happened to that neck’! Lose 6 pounds, gain 6 pounds – for me, perimenopausal, my jaw fluctuates with every ounce of flesh I have or don’t have (usually the former). But, fact is, with age, a firm jawline, whether you’re 20, 50 or 90, is, I believe, THE most ageless quest. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a ‘defined jaw’ – never have. I inherited my mother’s  ‘soft silhouette’ for want of a better description!

Indeed, recent research into neck by Prai Beauty for a National Neck Expose study on 1000 women aged 40-65 revealed that nearly half of women when asked ‘what part of their body revealed their age most’, claimed it was their neck rather than their face: swiftly followed by hands, then eyes (for me that’s the first), then arms (already there). Yet only 3% of us actually use a targeted neck cream… seems we’d rather wear a polo neck!


The area of fat under the chin (called the submental triangle) can be ageing even if young, so good posture and maintaining a regular weight are key. Even more so past 40 when things are even more prone to gravity. One of the best treatments I’ve ever tried that brilliantly targets small, stubborn, fatty areas that seem hard to budge – making it ideal for the neck – is CoolSculpting. Totally non-invasive, a ‘cup applicator’ suctions to the area and freezes fat cells that are then permanently removed from the area and the body. The latest version, CoolAdvantage, has a slightly deeper ‘cup’ too which I guarantee firsthand is way more comfortable and quicker to sit through, and for best results have two treatments one on either side of the throat. Results do take a couple of months to really show but are significant. I highly recommend Magda at the fabulous Dr Tracy Mountford’s The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. Prices cost around £800 per area


Can I scream sunscreen loudly enough? (a JOGB gallery of all my faves for all skin types coming here soon)

Proof there’s no facetuning going on here! Lines on face – no lines on chest!

Start early dear millennial & centennial readers (if there are any here). My own neck, I suspect, is worse because I am on my phone and computer 24/7 and barely ever look up, however may I say that for my 53 years…there’s very little pigmentation or wrinkles through sun damage because I’ve never laid out in the sun and vampirically protect from sunlight. Do check out Avene 50+ for now, one of my faves.

Much like the backs of your hands, once damaged, there is very little that you can cosmetically do to de-age your neck and chest to ‘match a line-free face of Botox and fillers’ (though Profhilo is proving amazing at hydrating and boosting collagen in specific zones) bar actual surgery. All the more reason to ease your foot off that ‘freezing facial’ approach. The current trend for #skinfitness means we really need to work on improving the suppleness and elasticity of the skin, here and everywhere, so that any ‘procedures’ now or in the future that you may consider, stand more chance of having a better effect.



In my opinion, consistent skincare simply makes for better skin for longer – regardless of whether you’re filling or freezing – it’s #skinhealth. I won’t deny that I spent a lot of my early career -when younger –  saying, “no you don’t need a separate neck cream, just carry your face cream down”. I mean it’s definitely to be encouraged than ignored. But truth be known the skin on your neck and chest is simply a different quality: thinner, finer, less oil glands and hence prone to ageing without daily care.

So, I have to say I genuinely have two new favourite products…both by PRAI Beauty: Prai Ageless Throat & Decolletage Creme, £29.99 and winner of the GHI seal of approval at the UK Good Housekeeping Institute, which my neck, chest and I have been trialling for the past four weeks, and I love! It is SO nourishing, not overly scented (can’t bear that on skin), yet dries with an even finish that isn’t remotely greasy or tacky – so easy to dress after applying. I do believe the very act of applying a cream daily shows results – as much as when you stop.

And, ooh… how I do love this fab Prai Ageless Throat & Decolletage Serum, £39.99, which I cannot deny I emptied sooner than expected, while trialling the cream. And even though now empty, I keep using the icy cool metal massage end all over my skin, pressing firmly in my attempt to do a bit of drainage on the old neck! I am a bit of a neck product convert. I seem to take the most delicious delight in seeing just how hard I can rub it onto my jawline and neck to create the best effect – it just feels that good! My favourite area is literally right along the edge of my jaw with the three metal ‘bobbles’ lined up along the edge of my jawbone itself. Guys…it just feels so good.

So you see, 30 years later, even I am now a bit of a neck cream convert!

Do you use a neck cream? Tell me what you think!



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