Your beach body beauty prep…

How to get beach beauty prepped for 365 body confidence!

I am so Mrs Last Minute… I like to think ‘spontaneous’ but truth be known it’s just general my multi-tasking fail!

Well, no, not this time!


Geting a proper pedi, or even a chiro-pedi, that goes one step beyond the norm. This will help sort real issues: corns, callouses, potential infections and ensure that when you’re away you can devote more love and attention to your feet. Gotta love the in-depth, ‘never seen my toes glow before’ with a Margaret Dabbs Medical Pedicure, £85, try to have at least two before you travel. Alternatively, I do rather being in control myself, and like a good buffing using a Scholl Pedi Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File at Boots for around £40.


I don’t colour my auburn hair yet (but v soon – a post to come on that I assure you when I finally do). If you do, however, colour & get a trim a couple of weeks before going away, to allow time to shampoo and relax the colour and style. Take a hat and a UV/chlorine protect spray if you’re somewhere hot (generally I rely on Kerastase). Some experts say colour once you’re back, which is often a good idea if you are blonde with highlights and plan to swim a great deal as this strips moisture too.


Get a wax, after work, at the end of the day, as this least glamorous part of your beauty prep process will ensure you’re fuzz-free for a good fortnight. PRO TIP: avoid any sun or self-tanner until 24-48 hours after as the pores make you more susceptible to treatments and UV.


Have lash extensions (not Camilla-style please!): helps so much I f you fancy a more makeup-free holiday. This one effort can streamline your regime and makes beach lounging way more effortless. Check out Lash Perfect that’s meant to be waterproof so you can swim in them, and sleep in them (strictly for use with an oil-free makeup remover). Minimum effort, maximum style: think of the photos!


Have a mani: either sort your own, or make the effort for £15-20 to get a Pro-cuticle trim, file and condition before you travel. A long-wear polish can take you through your hols without a care; plus the effort put into your actual cuticles will make any polish look ten times more groomed.


Tan up if you need that extra beach confidence. Go pro … or do what I do and grab a wash on, wash off colour (Rimmel Sunshimmer is a great colour for fair skin) and top it up (great for those inevitable self-tan mistakes too). Or try a super reliable gradual tanner such as the shower-and-go version In-Shower by St Tropez; or Bondi Sands Everyday which I love. Reapply regularly to build up a nice colour (starting 4 days ago in which case)! But you know what – above all, be happy with your skin tone. Don’t permanently make yourself feel inadequate because you’re not a ‘particular shade of tan’. A girlfriend recently told me that she had gone to a naturist beach for the very first time in her life – she was 59. She was hesitant – it certainly wasn’t her ‘kind of thing’: it was apparently THE singularly most liberating experience she has ever had in her life. It’s all about confidence.

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RIGHT NOW! When we wear less and show just a bit more: book in for your fave fast treatments to help get you ready for the beach,  So quick…fit in!

  • Decléor Face Shots, clever new ‘treat and teach’ 15-min massage techniques: “Eye & Brow Lift”, “Jaw and Cheek Contour”, “Neck and Jaw Sculpt”. You’ll get a live tutorial that’s filmed on a digital mirror, recorded then emailed, so you can DIY at home, or on hols. A bargain at £15 for 15 minutes. Pop to the new Decleor spa along Westbourne Grove.
  • Check in for The Barcelona at The Cowshed £95 for 75-min. Inspired by the signature treatment at Soho House in Barcelona, it’s a top-to-toe mega body brush and scrub, revitalising cold stone massage, plus speedy glow facial.





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