I wrote this little piece for my dear chums over at Legology, sharing a little feel of why fragrance truly matters – and never more so than at Christmas. Yep, I am sentimental and nostalgic: won’t deny it. Don’t especially want to either, as it’s part of the I love writing about the psychology of scent so much. You see I lost both parents while they (and I) were young – my father at eldest daughter’s current age of 22. That alone is a frightful thought – but it’s that time of year isn’t it? So I won’t apologize for a moment’s ponder. It’s very much a part of my psyche, my ‘family’ obsession (healthy I believe) and the background to my truly very good sense of smell! It’s also why in my own new fragrant JOGB delights (purely in candles for now at JOGBLiving) you’ll find not 1% or 2% or 5% (or even 0.5% as I hear increasingly) but 10% pure natural fragrance oil in every candle. Because that’s where the magic of scent begins… in your nose, to your brain…to your heart, in just one beat.

Here’s my piece for Lift Off, over on Issue 18 of Legology (and it is after all the 18th today – my birthday) … come say ‘Hi’ over on jogbliving too!


“My passion for perfume, like so many, always harks back to sentimental childhood moments and memories that are pure nostalgia: playing by my father’s side at his weekend bonfire, which, in hindsight, totally accounts for my now ridiculous obsession for sandalwood and aromatic candles; and my mother’s apple crumble in the air mixed with a hefty dose of YSL’s Rive Gauche: a mixture that’s surely unmistakable – well certainly to me! You see home and fragrance are everything. I subsequently lost both parents by the time I hit 35, but never our story of scent: it’s a family thing.

And let’s face it, there is no time of the year more nostalgic than Christmas: a time to rekindle moments and memories, loves and losses, and certainly no way better than through scent. So, yes, my poor children are s’mothered’ by smell: from hallway candles, a ‘busy’ log burner (that smells divine even when it’s not burning), cedar, amber and citrus scents (that’s Daddy for you!) abound; or let’s throw in a little cinnamon and spice with that warm Pimms apple I’m strangely addicted to, come December, for that oriental twist my mother would certainly approve of! So if you think you feel in tune with my festive scent personality, I can vow you’ll love my favorites.


+ I find men’s cologne so easy to wear all year round, and the vibrant, unisex woody, aromatic new Le Frenchy by Guerlain, £175 for 100ml, is just THE best! You’ll love it and your partner will too!


+ Whatever your mood, the new Valentino Donna Noir Absolu, £116.50 for 100ml exclusively at Harrods, is a deep gutsy ‘narcotic-esque’ perfume concentrate with addictive leather and sandalwood: just delish!


+ You wanna wear THE hottest new fashion scent? Roland Mouret’s Une Amourette, £115 for 100ml, aka ‘a fling’, is a collaboration with the unique perfumers Etat Libre d’Orange, is a super provocative skin scent combining neroli with cardamom, patchouli, and vanilla.



+ Words cannot begin to say just how beautifully addictive Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Amber Skin, £165 for 50ml, is on the skin. An intoxicating oriental blend of bergamot, labdanum, honey, and myrrh, I defy you not to love it as I do.


+ Candles have always been my thing, and now I can permanently fill my home – and hopefully yours too – with my JOGB 100% natural luxury fragranced candles in uplifting GOJO for when I need a pick-me-up, relaxing SLOJO when I need to calm the heck down, and sensual MOJO when I want to feel confident and sexy; JOGB Scented Candles, £65 each from

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