‘Heaven forbid’ says hair obsessed little old me, but recent research by Mintel reveals that nearly 70% of us want to spend as little time styling our hair in the morning as poss, and are proud to prolong our blow-dry for yet another day! Here’s how to do so in style!


When my son, with his thick, floppy mane of hair was recently told by his hairdresser to leave it alone and wash it just once a week, you could see his eyes light up! To me, it felt more like 19 years of grooming flushed away! But, word has it, we are all extending our ‘quality of life between shampoos’;. We’re calling it ‘low-shampooing’. “Twice a week (or even longer) is becoming the norm,” says Tresemme ambassador Aaron de Carlo, “partly due to more home working and of course dry shampoo. But,” – oh the relief – ‘people do still want their hair to be touchable, shiny and soft’.


So, OMG how fabulous that my fluffy, frizz-prone hair adores the new 72-hour Tresemme Expert Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner. I swear I can literally feel my hair silkening in my hands as I rinse it out, and even more so once I apply the conditioner and rinse that too. I can instantly see that my own DIY blow-dry (that I’ve perfected over the past 35 of my 53 years) now has way better control, with less frizz at the crown (the part my blow-dry still never smoothes perfectly). Designed to work on all hair from thick to thin, it contains marula oil, that has lighter, tinier oil particles than other oils, helping absorb better and keep humidity at bay, without weighing it down.

Prolong the life of your blow-drySTILL NEED VOLUME?

Shampoo using a volume booster, such as John Frieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore Shampoo and Conditioner, then straight after, layer up by working in a little Core Restore Advanced Protein Volumiser, that’s heat-activated but progressively builds volume with every use, so you really can extend the life of your shampoo. “Apply through the lengths of towel-dried hair,” says Luke Hersheson, “then blow-dry upside down for the max effect.” Expect up to twice as much volume apparently!


“Then wash it the night before and let it dry naturally,” says hairdresser Lisa Shepherd. “When you wake, your hair may seem unruly but don’t be alarmed, it will style more easily! Go through with some volumizing spray, then use a hot brush such as BaByliss Pro Large Hot Brush. Styling this way allows you to get the best of both worlds: smoothness and volume with relaxed, natural movement.”

Extend the life of your blow-dry

  • Rub dry shampoo into your roots before bed, as if you were shampooing it in. The next morning hair looks rested but energized with a tousled, textured finish. Try PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver Revitalising Dry Shampoo, or Batiste Original.
  • If you can put your hair up in a loose top knot, forward of the crown area at bed time, this it will keep your blow-dry fresh. Don’t sleep on a heavy pillow, the lighter the better.
  • Hair perfume is a must have! Keep a tiny tin of Percy & Reed Eau My Goodness Shine & Fragrance Spray to hand in emergencies
  • Style it. A head scarf, wide head band, hair accessories, in general, are also super cool for summer and always a winner in-between washes.


No heat styling needed, just an elastic, a pin, and some creativity!

  • Create a ponytail. A great, quick morning style as it suits any hair texture; so when you’re running late, it’s perfect. Fix on level with your ears so that you get a ‘bit of a kick’, tie with a snag-free elastic band (try Invisibobble) and don’t try to hide it, just use as the style.”
  • Make your parting stay in place, “attack hair when wet,” says Lockonego’s Jonathan Long. “Firmly comb into place with some styling cream, then pin flat. Once dry, comb to soften the product and make it look natural.” Try Paul Mitchell Soft Style The Creme.
  • Smooth hair without heat, “run slightly damp hands and serum over the mid-lengths to ends of your hair, then wind into a neat bun for 20mins,” says Jonathan Long. “Or use spray hairspray such as my fave Redken Quick Dry 18, onto hands and pat down flyaway hairs.”
  • Try a bit of braiding. I don’t mean full-on plaits at our age per-se, just twists and knots that are also a rather stylishly practical way of keeping the hair off your face for summer. “It really does hide a multitude of sins,” says Adam. “You can do a really soft halo braid, braid down the side and secure into the nape or else tie your hair into a pony, braid it, then pin it into a bun.”


Photography by Iain Philpott, Styling Jo GB


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  1. 12th May 2017 / 1:54 pm

    Thanks for the tips Jo. Big fan of low-shampooing – keeps my hair in better condition and the Babyliss Pro Large rotating Hot Brush his literally changed my life …… and my thick unruly hair! It is now tamed and stylish at all times 💋

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