CELLULITE OR NO, RIGHT? My fave aromatic body oil


Cellulite or no? My fave new aromatic body oil is this Legology Cellu-Lite Salon Secret for Legs, £55. I mean, honestly I”m not really a huge follower of cellulite creams and potions as, while I believe in the power of massage, it is really is more vital to restore equilibrium in the body (and hence the cells) by reducing fat intake and get moving more. But an oil I do love!

And so… I just can’t get enough of this oil!

It’s the smell you see! I met up with chum & founder Kate Shapland over coffee and as she tried to put it back in the box I kept taking it back out to rub into my wrists (“no cellulite there Jo!”).

So, sod the hips – Cellu-Lite is a mighty fine aromatic body oil full of some of my favourite essential oils including juniper, rosemary, pine and grapefruit. I truly can’t explain enough how much I love this smell!


But OK then – if you’re on a mission to boost your body and aim to reduce fluid retention and cellulite, it’s this kind of blend of active diuretic oils as found in Legology Cellu-Lite that can help act as a conduit for a lymphatic massage (which you really do need to do daily).

My regime? Dry body brush first, from toes to hips, fingers to shoulders; shower in warm water and pat dry; then apply body oil using small circular movements to help stimulate the lymph to help drain fluid and smoothe the skin. Regular daily massage, with a balanced diet low in processed foods, is key to helping reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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