Take one super magnifying mirror and a few words of advice from the brow queen herself, Shavata Singh, who tends A-list arches from Kate Hudson to Elle Macpherson.

“Getting your brows professionally groomed is the equivalent to a mini-face-lift,” says Shavata. “A defined, arched brow is very youthful. I have clients who stop having botox once they see the difference arched, groomed brows can make to the face.”


“Avoid brow trends! Just have the best brows for you, as this will ensure you look your best.”

Shavata Singh


Now I’m not exactly a fan of microblading – the current trend for brows, as I’m not especially keen on anything that relies on another person’s judgement to change my appearance in a way I can’t undo. (I can throw Botox and fillers in here – it really is the expert, not the treatment, who makes or breaks a great ‘end result’. I’ve seen some very odd looking brows. And equally when they’re SO perfect it’s just too Stepford Wives for my liking.

I clearly have trust issues, but Shavata agrees: “It’s not the treatment that’s bad, it’s the person performing the treatments that will make the difference. You need to be sure you are seeing someone who is an expert at what they are doing and does a good job that you will be happy with. Before booking in for microblading, be sure to only go to someone who has come highly recommended. Make sure you have seen their work and also look at their own eyebrows, together these will give you an idea of what the results you will see on yourself.

The biggest challenge for a therapist with microblading is creating natural hair strokes –and a normal looking hair line. This will be dependent on the therapist and their level of skill. Microblading may be the trend of the moment, but it can be tomorrow’s nightmare, like many things. Because you are manually opening the skin and adding a tint on top, the results last for 2-3 years, so you could end up stuck with a look you are not entirely happy with for a long time.”



So, if you need brow help, or you enjoy mixing up your look a bit, do try to master a regular 5 minutes a day brow groom. Take it slow and embrace the fact that powder, pencil and liquid come off quick, so you can easily start again. Even better, you can wear a different brow to go with your outfit or your mood. Just how beauty should be…YOU all the way through.


  1. Have a brow tint Brows naturally thin with age, so I always recommend a tint – it’s the best anti-ageing tip I’ve been given, as it can really help make the brows appear thicker and fuller.”
  2. See a brow pro “Never underestimate the difference professionally groomed and shaped brows make. Inexpensive and done in minutes, I recommend everyone sees a pro, even if it’s just the once, to create the perfect arch by combining threading, tweezing and waxing. Then you can keep it up at home yourself. The trick is to then pluck any new stray hairs on a daily basis while they’re short, to maintain the correct new shape, making it easier to tell which should stay and which need to go.”
  3. Cover up white hairs “Brow shadow is best as it will colour the hair and the skin, to accentuate the shape more. Opt for a shade darker than your hair colour to give the illusion of fuller brows. To apply, use soft, sweeping upwards movements for more of a ‘lift’.” Shavata Brow Perfector, £24, contains 3 shades you can mix together to create the perfect colour for everyone. Also watch out for the new angled Chanel Stylo Sourcils Waterproof Defining Longwear Eyebrow Pencil, £30 but not available until August.

Best brow advice and why not to microblade


  • If you have thinning brows, don’t pluck. Go to a pro, as the hairs may not grow back.
  • Never pluck above your arch.
  • If you’ve made a mistake, don’t try and correct it. The cycle of hair growth is around 8-13 weeks, so just be patient and let the hairs grow back.
  • Eyebrows are ‘sisters, not twins’. Don’t try to make brows identical: you will end up plucking them away to nothing.



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