A bright coral lipstick is an instant style statement when worn on a very fresh face (minimal eye makeup where poss). “No longer a ‘very glam’ makeup look, a bright lip is way less formal,” says Terry Barber, MAC Head of Makeup Artistry. “It’s a quick way of dressing the face, like putting on a pair of shoes.”


Think blurred edges. “If you put on a bright lipstick and it looks too sharp around the edges, take it down a bit,” says Terry. “Much like a ‘blown-out blowdry’, just be casual. You want to make it look like it belongs to you.”


Bright coral lipstick: can you wear it?

Makeup artists reckon that past 45, a coloured lip adds a much-needed vibrancy and focus to an ageing face, helping lift a greying complexion and add a hit of colour that gets you noticed, not ignored.

Sounds worth a try eh? Take my advice:

A bright coral lipstick may be the number one lip trend for summer, and yes, I really want to wear it, I really do, but…? It takes more than confidence: a bright lip needs:

1) great teeth (mine are undergoing some extensive work – more on that another time);

2) a decent smile (mine slopes downwards, like my late mother – not always a pretty sight in a photo but a familial trait nonetheless that I’m kinda attached to);

3) the inclination to maintain that vivid lip throughout the day, even wearing the most long-wear formula it takes effort!

lipstick-red-coral-application-summerMY TOP FIVE FAVOURITE CORALS (from top to bottom)

Coral can range from oranges to peachy pinks, with a mix of blue, yellow and red pigments to suit all skins, especially uplifting with grey hair and/or black skin. “Soft coral works well with a tan too,” says Rupert Kingston of Delilah. “Pat onto your lips using your fingertips to create a bitten look to lips rather that a harsh lip line.”

1 Delilah Colour Intense Cream Lipstick in Tango, a vibrant orange red

2 Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Colour And Care Lipstick in Caterina, easy wear yet stays

3 Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour in Coco, super wearable texture

4 Mavala Happy Zen Lipcolour in Nectar Red, lasts well yet incredibly moisturising

5 Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter, a divine, delicious coloured balm


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