Is this the best mascara ever?


If you haven’t used a ‘tube’ or ‘tubing’ (that’s the technology) mascara yet… then I’m sorry but you clearly haven’t found ‘the best mascara ever’! And with holidays and emotional wedding season upon us… here are the best, plus a new one to try.


Say goodbye to any smudging, smearing or residue on your upper eyelids midway through the day. The ONLY mascara I wear these days – I can weep with joy – is one of these tubing mascaras’. The liquid formula cleverly forms a hollow seal of flexible polymers around each lash like a tube to coat and seal itself around the hairs, and then will not budge until you wash it off in very warm water (not rain). It’s genius! So when the sun, wind or sand is in your eyes; or if you suffer from hayfever, itchy eyes, getting older (they just seem to weep a bit!), or are a makeup wearer extraordinaire, I vow you will not be let down throughout the day by any tell-tale smudges.


I won’t deny it’s a little weird when you remove it with warm water. It kinda melts! Place a cotton pad in very warm water and place against closed eyelids. Press for a moment and then see for yourself as softened clumps and chunks – the hollow tubes – pull gently away from the lashes. But that’s exactly it too: ‘gently’: no harsh rubbing to remove a stubborn formula, these tube mascaras feel less aggressive to the skin around the eyes and the lashes themselves. That must equate to ‘younger eyes for longer, right?


DEFINITION Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara, £22.50, OMG I love the instant definition and lengthening this creates. It never ever budges throughout the day, even if I have applied a tonne of concealer around my eyes. Great fine brush for definition


… or a bit cheaper, but then way smaller…is another fave MAC Extended Play Mascara, £15, which I’ve bought myself in an emergency (and let me say ‘no Beauty Editor EVER buys mascara’ – so I really do love it!)




VOLUME Clinique Lash Power Flutter to Full, £20, can vary the amount of liquid onto your brush by twisting the neck. Frankly, I never do, I just stick to the least amount on the minimum dial as I have OK lashes, but if you are after more volume it’s great to have that option. Great formula, especially for first two weeks and a nice fat brush for fatter lashes.

clinique flutter tube mascara for volume



LUXURY LASHES  Sensai 38ºC Mascara, £21 only at Harrods, a great brush and one of my all-time go-to tubers, this glossy formula is also loved by makeup artist (and new Sensai ambassador) Mary Greenwell, who claims to use it on all her A-list celebrities including Cate Blanchett, who has the fairest lashes, but it never looks too ‘done’.



THE NEW Diego Dalla Palma Tube Extended Volume Wash-off Mascara, is the latest in the line of tubers – described as an ‘extreme volume water-resistant mascara’ I love this brush…and it ‘should be’ in M&S stores soon.


NOT A TUBER? Some users just don’t realise you need to remove with warm water – lousy counter service perhaps? Once you know I’d love to know what you think these…let me know below, Jo x

My fave mascara application tips…EVER

+ Wiggle the wand right into the roots before applying to the full length of your lashes from root to tip. More mascara formula at the roots makes lashes look darker and hence look thicker. (Tight-lining eyeliner into the roots also helps give the illusion of thicker lashes too)
+ Use the end of the wand to define each lash. Turn the tip of the mascara wand facing into your lashes and gently brush the inner and outer corner lashes (or any strays) almost individually, brushing them along the length in line with the other lashes.
+ Don’t ignore those tiny lashes at the inner and outer corners: they totally widen and open up the eye. If you find it hard to locate these tiny lashes do this: using the end of the wand, brush inwards away from the edges and towards the pupil to try to catch every lash available. Once you’ve ‘caught the tiny ones’ neatly flare the lashes out in line with the rest.
+ Use this ‘end wand’ technique to determine where you want mascara the most, to help change the shape of your eyes and exaggerate the effect. Bottom lashes are big for A/W so I always brush either the outer third or the centre third for an effect. For the popular feline Bardo flick, focus the main amount of mascara on the outer corners; for a more doll-like lash effect – great if you have small eyes that need widening – focus on the centre lashes directly below your pupil.

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