The first place to show our age, the best anti-ageing eye treatments can literally wipe off years!

Across a crowded floor, your eyes speak volumes without saying a word. Little wonder then that, when they start to sag and lose their perkiness, we feel we’ve lost our ability to allure with that cheeky ‘come hither’ look. So, I’ve been looking into a few fab anti-ageing eye treatments…here’s the lowdown:


I’m much more know for preferring ‘the natural’ approach in anti-ageing, BUT I would also (increasingly) never say never. Take blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). I have at least six girlfriends who have invested in this procedure in the past 18 months and they are all ecstatic with the results!

IT INVOLVES cutting into the fold of skin along the eyelid crease, removing a section that will ensure no hooded eyelids for the next 10 years (so often inherited), to reveal a neater, firmer, shapelier eye that takes off a minimum of ten years from your face and your spirits.

ONE GIRLFRIEND SAYS (aged 52) “My eyes were still very much healing after 4/6 months, and looking back now at photos, they were quite puffy for a while. I think it genuinely took about 8-12 months for everything to look completely ‘normal’. But in all honesty, the incision lines disappeared within weeks. I felt 90% back to normal after the general anaesthetic wore off post op – so a couple of days – and 100% normal after the stitches came out two weeks later. Incredibly I had no bruising, no pain, I didn’t even need painkillers: just a bit puffy for a while. It’s just incredibly easy and I will do it again in about 10 years if I’m still on this earth!” Seeing her you just WOULD JUST NEVER GUESS!


The alternative?

The CC Brow Lift Until now, many different anti-ageing non-surgical face treatments – from Botox, fillers and laser – have worked pretty much in isolation. At the Cranley Clinic, home to one of my favourite and most trusted dermatologists Dr Nick Lowe, The CC Lift (BTW I actually named it for them) is a non-surgical option to eyelid surgery. It involves minimal but specific Botox placement within the mid to inner brow that totally relaxes a key muscle that dominates the way the brows pull down the eyelids. This is followed by a dose of the slightly ouchy, non-invasive Thermage skin tightening radiofrequency (RF) across the forehead and eyelids to help tighten existing skin by stimulating your own collagen production. “By combining these two procedures you can get extremely good results rather than opting for surgery,” says Dr Lowe, “to give a look that’s gentler, more invisible, yet guaranteed to instantly show a difference.” A tailor-made treatment, expect to pay upwards from £800 for Thermage, and £400+ for Botox.

Only ever go to a bonafide practitioner (Dr Lowe has been working with Botox since the beginning) they know where the placement of the toxin has the best effect, not some salon on the street corner.

NEED TO KNOW I’ve had Thermage on my face before to tighten skin. It’s not without some feeling I’ll admit – like lots of tiny, momentary stings at once; but it is bearable and a hugely respected treatment. I’ve yet to bother with Botox, might this be my first? (more on that soon)

(Photography by Iain Philpott; read a version of this in the June ’17 issue of


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