In Bed With Jo…talking AGELESS V AGEIST? 50+ Beauty

ageless-or ageist-beauty-industry-jogb-jogbliving-nadine-baggot-annamarie-solowij-beauty-mart-nicola-moultonLet’s be honest!

Love these three fabulous women in beauty for snuggling down with me to talk ageless V ageism in the beauty industry. Come check out the lively video “In Bed With Jo” over on my JOGB YouTube channel (click link to watch): with the fabulous, wonderfully sincere beauty journalist chums: Nadine Baggott (aka The Beauty Know It All), Nicola Moulton (ex-Vogue Beauty Director and now Creative Director of SEEN Group) and Anna-Marie Solowij (supreme journalist, consultant and co-founder of BeautyMART) each one of us freelance journalists and consultants, no longer directly on one magazine title, but embracing the liberty and freedom of speech in our industry, armed with the profound knowledge we have gleaned about ageing, and ageism, in a business we all love.

Special thanks to the ever fabulous film man himself, Iain Philpott… the calmest, cleverest man with a camera in one hand, microphone in the other.

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Next week makeup brand Max Factor announces a much needed new refocus on their customers… so if you’re aged 45, 50 and over, like me – prepared to be amazed. (Oh, they appreciate our daughters and/or nieces (the sought after centennials aged 16-23) are talking and listening to us too – might have something to do with it! Word has it ‘only 4% of women find beauty adverts relatable’. Not surprising to us women – or magazine industry pros – the real consumer: yet somehow a shock to brand marketeers!

Having worked on magazines aimed at older women for almost all my working life – it’s a thing. Certain brands, especially ‘fashion brands’, were and still are in denial that beauty matters over 40, let alone 50. But only consider from a business perspective: by 2025, it is reckoned that 80% of the UK will be over 50.

Ageing happens to us all – embrace it, don’t deny it.

Seriously, how can any 21st-century brand possibly expect to survive and flourish by ignoring this diverse, flamboyant, ‘up-for-it’ consumer? She who, like me, grew up with Bowie,  The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Blondie, Madonna and New Romantics. We wore hair extensions (I def did 1985 – looked like a lioness and proud of it), shaved our brows then blacked in horizontal brows, grabbed the bleached (thank you Debbie Harry), wore more clashes of colour than any other age bracket of women before or since – growing up in a fabulous era of fashion, sex and rock ‘n’ roll that made us ‘know our looks’ and not be defined by them. This attitude has also enabled our own girls to grow up more fearless and dynamic if they choose, in today’s hyper-critical, hyper-unreal society.

Look forward now, just two more years to 2020, and stats say that around 50% of us will be over 45; with 80% over 50 by 2025


So well done Max Factor – yes it has taken a crazy amount of time for you to appreciate that the older, mature woman is still a fabulous flamboyant, mysterious, sexy and brilliant ‘girl’ at heart – it’s just our outer canvas that now needs more of your help, not less!

Time to… “Embrace age, don’t deny it!”

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It’s long…but bwteen us we rack up over 100 years experience about real women… listen in!

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