About JOGB


JO GB? My full name, Jo Glanville-Blackburn, has been in print publishing across magazines, books and newspapers for the past 30 years – from W&H and GH, to Grazia, Sunday Times Style, YOU Magazine to Quadrille, Ryland Peters, Daily Mail and Times newspapers

One day a PR friend called me ‘JOGB’. Then another, and another. I rather loved it! It stuck. And let’s face it … it’s way less of a tongue-twister.

A home-loving mother of three (Liv 22, Will 20, and Phoebe 16), interiors obsessed (I now have my own JOGB brand that focuses on plant-based essential oil candles at www.jogbliving.com), vegetarian, I’ve been a beauty expert for many of the UK’s best-selling women’s lifestyle titles; writing mainly for women who, just like me, are monumentally busy – whether due to family (older and younger), work commitments or, let’s face it, just the stress of modern living.


My mantra? “Be happy in yourself”

When it comes to beauty and wellbeing, I strongly believe how our mind and body are inextricably linked. How we look is driven by how we feel – and very much vice versa. So sure, here I’ll give you lots of trend tips and advice on ageless makeup, hair, body, and skincare, but you and I both know you need to feel great on the inside too.

Whatever the reason, the impact is that we are all time poor. We get home and collapse, yet here is where we can most be ourselves: to unwind, relax, refuel and pick ourselves up. So you see, this website is not about me (well maybe a little bit) – it really is about US! It’s also the very reason I set up my candle brand JOGB at jogbliving.com: beautiful luxury natural scented candles (no paraffin wax here I assure you) are the perfect marriage between beauty and the home. I have spent 30 years in the beauty industry scent smelling, am renowned for favoring natural over synthetic (whether for your skin or for your nose) – everything I mention is my true and honest opinion.

Words are powerful. They can build you up and they can cut you down. Throughout my career, I’ve had highs and lows. I used to be very self-critical, but the result of that is an undeniable reputation for sincerity and integrity in my work and at home with my family. I have never written anything I didn’t believe, and I’m not about to change now.

So think of  JOGB as a space to: pick up new tricks and new info, but also to remind you how to feel good about yourself in life …this one life we’re given, and not to ‘turn back the clock’ but embrace the now the best way you can without regret. To remind you that if you were a teenager in the 60s, 70s & 80s (like me) you grew up in some of the most exciting decades of beauty, fashion, music, attitude and lifestyle for women. Hands up who wore ‘that trend’ first time round? And even though I’m now 53 (with three fabulous kids that keep me young and up-to-date with technology: thanks, guys) – I know I don’t act ‘my age’! That to me is a dated concept. As a result, I think I look younger due to my attitude: I love to laugh. I am as mischievous and ‘rascally’ about life as ever. Yes, I may have a few lines, as yet to be frozen…but they are generally happy lines of a life I’m still very much loving.

So if you want to join me and share…I promise to mention ideas that I genuinely love or that can make a huge difference to our inner/outer beauty confidence and wellbeing. Follow, contact, talk to me, and let’s have some fun… here and on Instagram

DISCLAIMER  Here, on jogb.co.uk, I will share all my beauty lifestyle experiences with you: new loves, all-time favourites, family shares, news, and views. I feature PR samples that I receive to my office but I am NEVER obliged to review all samples sent. Everything featured on my website is up to my sole discretion. If any of my posts and video links are supported it will ALWAYS be very clearly stated for total transparency.